Services Provided by Monarch Patient Advocates, LLC.

Services Provided by Monarch Patient Advocates, LLC.

  • Assistance with understanding a new diagnosis or complicated medical condition
  • Review Medical Reports
  • Create a medical history timeline
  • Speak with healthcare providers and family members on your behalf
  • Attend doctor’s appointments with you, taking notes and putting them in an easy to read format
  • Assistance with finding long term care, rehabilitation, and home health services
  • Advocate on your behalf or a loved one’s behalf in the hospital setting
  • Assistance with selecting physicians and treatment options that make sense for you
  • Coordinating care when leaving the hospital
  • Assistance with second opinions and clinical trials.
  • Provide assistance with insurance and billing questions
  • Assistance with maximizing your health insurance benefits
  • Review medical bills for excessive or inflated charges
  • Assistance with navigating the Veteran Administrations healthcare system and getting you the care you earned
  • Exploring alternative treatments including holistic and integrative options
  • Connecting patients and family members with support groups and counseling service
  • An in-depth review of medications, interactions, nutrient-blocking effects, and contraindications
  • Develop customized care plan to address identified areas of concern
  • Provide Patient Safety and Healthcare Education Seminars in a group or one-on-one setting
Adrianne Coward, Founder of Monarch Patient Advocates, LLC.
Soaring with you on your healthcare journey to success.

Soaring with you on your healthcare journey to success.

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