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Patient advocacy is a service that helps patients make informed decisions regarding their health. This service is needed because there continues to be tremendous injustice in our healthcare system. These injustices can impair your ability to access crucial services needed to maintain and improve your healthcare outcome.

Because of our complicated healthcare system, many patients may not know what resources are available to them, or what questions to ask when it relates to improving their healthcare outcome.

Navigating the healthcare system can be confusing and overwhelming, leading many patients to give up on the most serious aspect of their lives.

Patient Advocate can assist with undoing that confusion allowing patients to focus on themselves and their healing.

Currently, doctors are limited in the time they spend with their patients, leaving many people feeling overwhelmed and confused about their medical condition or treatment plan. This is where Monarch Patient Advocates becomes beneficial. We can do extensive research into your medical condition and/or treatment plan by supplementing the information your doctor provides so that you have a better understanding of the doctor’s prognosis and/or treatment recommendations.

Lastly, Patient Advocates work to decrease medical errors that continue to cause harm or death to patients. Having someone advocate on your behalf or providing you with the necessary knowledge to remain safe in or outside of a hospital setting is a vital tool to have.

To learn more about Monarch Patient Advocates, LLC., please visit our About Us page.

Monarch Patient Advocates are nurses who work exclusively for you and only you. They are highly educated nurses with extensive experience in many aspects of healthcare and medicine. We have no allegiance to a health care system or insurance company.

Unfortunately, not at this time. However, we do provide a 30-minute consultation free of charge. After reviewing your case, we can make a mutual decision if our services will be beneficial for you or your loved one.

When you decide to use Monarch Patient Advocates, a 1-2 hour initial consultation will be set up in person or via telehealth. At that time a thorough evaluation is conducted to develop a complete picture of your health and current treatment regime. After your initial consultation with Monarch Patient Advocates, you will know how our approach and strategy will transform your healthcare experience. Professional fees for continuing services will be assessed on an hourly or package basis.

The length of service depends on your individual circumstances and overall health goals. The initial consultation is a comprehensive review of your health history with a goal-setting session that generally takes two hours. Most individuals require two to three hours of professional services following their initial consultation. However, individuals with complex or chronic illnesses may utilize our services on a recurring basis.

Yes, we do. We can facilitate communication between your health care providers to ensure there are no gaps in your care. Also, we assist your physician by ensuring you understand your proposed treatment plan. This helps to decrease any concerns you may have, resulting in better healthcare outcomes. Lastly, physicians are generally happy to see their patients are receiving the support of a patient advocate.

At Monarch Patient Advocates, most of our work can be done over the telephone or computer utilizing telehealth services.  However, we may be able to schedule some in-person appointments, being sure to follow the recommended CDC guidelines.

At Monarch Patient Advocates, we do not provide direct medical care, hands-on care, diagnose, treat, prescribe medications, or make decisions for you. Lastly, we do not provide legal advice or get involved in litigation procedures.

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